Uganda Politics

“Eddy Messiah Wesonyiwe Bobi Wine Ne Kyaggulanyi Family”
Eddy Messiah in the middle of H.E Bobi Wine (Left) and Eddy Mutwe,
Body Guard of Bobi Wine (Right)

You better stop begrudging the Nyanzi family, they are not responsible for your ( less lack of opportunity in terms of wealth accumulation), the Nyanzi group is not reason for many of us , you Eddie & many others Ugandans bad or less situations.

While on social media recently you intended to allude to a lie mbu” the Nyanzi’s especially MP Kyagulanyi is stingy and selfish yet we all know that they  aren’t lucky by mere definition then we got to appreciate how hard working they are..

Eddie in my opinion you sounded with envy, your being not satisfied with how they have accumulated what they have now is no subject at all.. fortunately we have seen them out grow some of us and it’s nothing to do with the people power pressure movement which is hardly 4yrs  ,stop being diversionary these media exposure of residential villas they have put up should not be amazing to a traveled man like you , its the most expected thing to do by some who earned from talent rather than employment..

I wanna inform “ change loyalist “ Kyagulanyi is representing that let this malicious narratives by bloggers like him not shroud the open facts that the Nyanzi’s rise doesn’t  require binoculars like Eddie messiah’s many friends in the NRM  how they accumulated what they have..Bobi’s nostalgic slogan ( kwebeleramu)  is an undertone of being vigilant to fake messiahs & political prophets , (Bajjo calls them users).

Your substandard analysis screening of people’s ambitions is only best directed to some of your gullible Facebook followers..let you not disrespect hard working people ( jawo ezarawo ) and also better understand that Mr Kyagulanyi has *lunged * his body to plain ( ayiyewo omubiri  ) to safe us from bad political perceptions .. perceptions like Uganda has one super natural elephant in the room that we should wait for it to have a natural death for Ugandans to have another verse in the chapter of presidency

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